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7 Ways To Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude

Posted by Sharon Picone

The holidays are gearing up, which means that 2016 is soon coming to a close. Yikes! Throughout this year, we have focused all our attention on exceeding the expectations of our customers, and in doing so, we have experienced both good days and bad days. Now it’s time to turn the attention inward, toward ourselves, and to reflect on what this year has taught us. To set the right tone for 2017, let’s look at 7 ways to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

1. Count Your Blessings

When feeling overwhelmed or dealing with a challenging customer, it’s difficult to remember the good experiences in our business and personal lives. Creating a shift in perspective and focusing on these good experiences may inspire you to communicate more effectively and be uber productive. Counting your blessings means that you consider what is, rather than what isn’t.


2. Meditate

You’ve most likely heard it a thousand times: meditation calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Well, it’s true. Meditation does have a positive effect. Only 5 minutes before you start your day centers your mind, body and spirit. These positive feelings spill over into your work day and affect those around you.

3. Look for “The Good”

It’s challenging, but whenever you feel upset, disappointed or hurt look for the good moments in your business. For example, a team member unexpectedly answers the phone, even though you are both busy. Shifting your mindset not only helps you feel good in the moment, but it also helps you grow professionally.

4. Talk the Talk

The goal is to make gratitude part of your daily vocabulary and mindset. When the right moment presents itself, don’t be afraid to voice your gratitude. Be consistent in your positive communication.

5. Embrace Opportunities

You spend many hours a week at work, which means that there is the potential for many opportunities. Consider these opportunities as gifts in which you learn valuable lessons, even when faced with a difficult situation. Rise to the occasion.


6. Inspire Others

Gratitude is infectious. When you see a team member struggling or feeling down, initiate a conversation that breeds gratitude. When others see you doing so, it is likely that they will start to mirror your attitude.  

7. Assess Your Progress

At the end of each day, assess whether or not you achieved your gratitude goals. If you fell short, be kind to yourself and commit to do better the next day. For example one of your goals may be that you want to meditate more, but don’t have the time each morning before work. Besides sitting quietly when meditating, you can also incorporate meditation in the form of a morning mantra of gratitude. 

Closing Thoughts: When situations don’t go according to plan, it’s easy to fall into a negative groove that can feel almost impossible to get out of. It is exactly in these moments that we have to really make a definite effort to dig deep.  Cultivating a gratitude mindset is a powerful tool and helps you to take control of any difficult situation that comes your way.

What are you grateful for? Is meditation a method that you use to set the tone for a positive day? What other methods do you use to express gratitude? Let us know your thoughts and feedback.

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Sharon Picone is an experienced dressmaker and tailor of 30+ years, who specializes in tailoring and creating bespoke wedding gowns and special occasion attire. Sharon currently serves on the Programs Committee for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and is also a member of the Central Florida Bridal Association as well as a Contributing Writer for the Perfect Wedding Guide vendor blog.