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Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence owned wedding businesses that worked with over 10,000 wedding couples and was the VP of a leading national wholesale wedding brand. He has done marketing, web design, and marketing consulting for hundreds of local wedding vendors, e-commerce sites, and wholesale brands. He is a known wedding industry focused author, columnist, and speaker.

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Facebook Remarketing: The Hidden Marketing Gem For Wedding Pros.

Posted by Brian Lawrence

You look at your google analytics and see hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site each month and scratch your head because so few wedding couples end up contacting you. And there was no way to market to those lost visitors until Facebook came out with a strategy a few years ago called Remarketing. Remarketing captures your site visitors and delivers ads to them to bring them back to your site. It will increase the success of every marketing and advertising platform you are currently involved with. How great is that? The infographic below gives a simple explanation.

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