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Mark Kingsdorf is the owner of St Petersburg Florida based Wedding Ghost, a ghost blogging and web content company working exclusively with wedding, event and hospitality professionals. He is one of 65 Master Wedding Planners in the world, a Certified Same Sex Wedding Specialist, was the founder of Philadelphia based “The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants”, Wish Upon A Wedding Philadelphia and has been a contributor to Emily Post Institute, major wedding magazines and websites as well as many wedding an event industry conferences.

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More Than Just Real Weddings

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf

There is more to blogging for your business than just Real Weddings, there I said it!

Real Weddings are great, don’t get me wrong, but some of the major purposes of blogging for your wedding business are branding yourself and your business as experts in your field, and educate potential clients so they want to engage you for more of what you know.

The wedding images are one way to showcase your work. Mix up your content by taking about wedding tips and trends. However, be sure to tie them back to your business and what you do.

If you are a wedding planner the sky is the limit; talking about just about anything related to weddings is fair game. Tips about etiquette, how to pick the best vendors, and how to eliminate stress are big hits for potential clients.

Other wedding professionals can share tips on many areas in their wheelhouse. Styles of bouquets, top ten lists like first dance songs or parent dances, how to create a focal point, picking menu items to please a crowd; the list goes on and on. Look at the things that couples ask you about repeatedly.

FAQ posts work really well and should be easy to assemble.

Be sure to just give them a TASTE, not the whole wedding banquet. You want them to know you know your stuff and are keeping up with what is going on in the industry.

I am going to date myself very quickly, when I started my wedding planning company the internet was in its infancy and there was no social media. My age, years of experience and blogging helped to brand me as educated, experienced and well rounded.

I was nearly 40 and most of my couples were in their mid-twenties! {Gasp!}

If you’ve been in the wedding industry for more than a minute and you don’t include blog links on Instagram, or something on Pinterest and possibly on your YouTube Channel, you are suddenly yesterday’s news. So be sure to reference your social media links or even influencers when you blog.

To expand your reach insert quotes from wedding vendors who might be related to whatever tip you are sharing. Be sure to link to them to increase your search engine optimization.

When it comes to trends, STOP.REPORTING.THE.NEWS! Seriously, if you wait until January to see what colors are popular, what food stations are up and coming and what décor is the newest you will have missed the boat. Read More

When A Picture Is NOT Worth 1,000 Words

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf

News Flash! While pretty wedding images on your blog are pretty and may get a couple’s attention it has zero SEO value.

Search engine web crawlers cannot read pretty pictures!

Images, even images with text overlaid on them read as a blank space on your website or blog. Blogs that have nothing but an image have no real value in terms of growing your website visibility.

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What Do You Search For?

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf

The part of blogging that confuses many people is why it is not generating any business.

The answer is really pretty simple, you are not looking at it the right way.

Yes, you must have interesting content to engage readers and your potential clients. But search engines are another large consideration and many fail to understand the importance of how they work.

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Make Them Want To Read Your Blog!

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf

Ultimately, blogging serves two purposes, the first is to engage your readers and you also want to connect with your readers. They are hopefully prospective clients or other wedding professionals who can refer your business and media.

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Feeding the Beast

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf


Search engines are hungry beasts. Nearly everyone I know uses a search engine as a tool in their day to day life; we can find just about any product, service or get any question answered.

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Give Your Website A Fresh Face

Posted by Mark Kingsdorf

OK gang, please raise your hand if you have updated images and a sizable amount of text on your business website in the last year or so!

I thought not {I hear CRICKETS!!!!}.

The truth about most small businesses is most of us did not get into whatever it is we do in the wedding industry to do things like business accounting or managing a website. Your website is for most people out of sight out of mind. We launch it, and it sells our business 24/7. Hopefully, people fill out the form, email us or call.

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