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Bells Will Be Ringing... Phones Off the Hook!

Posted by Heidi Melton

In my last blog, “Over the Lead Hill We Go,” it was all about the prep for the holiday leads that will soon come pouring in. I know with today’s digital environment, you’re experiencing emails, website platforms and even apps that are generating leads for you. For our company, we still receive anywhere from 15 to 20 phone calls a day inquiring about our services and business. Here are 3 steps to successfully book the biz over the

Build Rapport

There is a difference between just asking questions and asking the right questions when you only have 2 to 5 minutes with someone on the phone. A critical part of your phone conversation is building the initial rapport with your client.

According to rapport means building a "connection, especially a harmonious or sympathetic relation." So how would you personally build a connection with your upcoming clients? Ask key quesitons that are core to their wedding day. This will give you insight into their relationships, likes, dislike and of course what is most important to them. As the conversation is flowing, connect yourself with the client to their life experiences through their own connections, organizations, family values, or what's most important to them. Once you are able to do this their buy-in to your product or service will be a whole lot easier on down the line.

Finding and Fullfilling Their Need

Through conversation and builing rapport with your client, you will naturally pick up on their hot spots. What makes them happy, what makes them touchy and of course what problem or need can you provide a solution for. This is a vital point in the overall sell. Remember back to the blog "Selling the Solution and Not the Product," we discussed a key step in the overall selling process is "Find the Need." Your client is looking for you to provide aide or release to their wedding day planning troubles. Whether that's taking photos, video, planning services, or hosting the overall event, each service marked off their list releases stress for them; however, what is about your service that can tap into a deeper stress point for them? Is it less stress on their plate? Do they need something/someone more organized? Creativity? Find what is making them seek you and your business out, and highlight that during your sales pitch over the phone.

Ask for the Sale 

A lot of people ask me how I can make the sale look so easy? Well, let me fill you in on a little secret, ask them for the sale! As the conversation is winding down, and you have found out all of the information you need literally ask the client if they would like a contract to review and sign to book the business with you. I don't know how many times I overall hear other sales pitches by colleagues in the industry let the client walk after a tour, meeting or phone call without asking if the client would like to book their wedding date with them. It's easier to ask for the sale initally then ask after the client has hung up the phone and called your competitor. This does take confidence and sometimes courage, but what’s the worst that will happen? They will probably say, “Let me discuss with my fiancée” or “I have two other appointments, left and I will call you next week.” Either way, this still gives you the opportunity to follow up within 24 business hours to stay fresh in their minds.

If you are a little rusty or want to sharpen your amazing phone sales skills, my suggestion is to always practice. Actively practice these steps when you are talking to a client or prospect on the phone. We are almost to the busiest season for engagements and leads will come pouring in, better to be ready before than making up time after sales have gone elsewhere.

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