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Instagram's New Algorithm: Is Your Business Making the Most of it?

Posted by Heidi Melton


With the most recent release and update to Instagram's algorithm users are seeing what is most important to them instead of every photo that was posted throughout the day. Instagram released an in-depth blog post about their update, but here are few ways to make the most of it and your marketing strategies.


Instagram has mentioned a 40% increase in video engagement in the last six months. Start planning to incorporate more videos into your Instagram posts than still photos, this will not only create movement to your feed, but also allow you the ability to see how many people have viewed your post. Still photos unfortunately do not give us that opportunity, only likes and comments give us feedback on engagement for still shots.



Think critically when you are hashtagging your photos and videos. Make this purposeful and relevant to your business. Hashtags allow your viewers and followers the ability to search for what they are looking for as well as create the opportunity to find something new. If you haven't seen this already, you will notice some of the top Instagram feeds using a lot of hashtags, the key is keeping your business hashtags inline with your product, services, and business.

Less Is More

With the new algorithm, Instagram is now showing users less of the currently posted, but more of what they will want to see based on their habits. While posting your photos and videos, if you have more than one planned throughout a day, make sure the quality is high, as less is more.

Cross Promoting

Your business should already be doing this, but just in case you aren't your Instagram should be highlight on all of your other social media sites. This helps create traffic from your other used sites to your Instagram feed. It also works oppositely, make sure to have your current website and updated links in your business profile of your Instagram. When users are encouraged, inquisitive, or want to see more of your portfolio they'll visit your website and event seek your business.

The key with Instagram's new algorithm is to utilize a mixture of each of these to see success with your social media marketing. Unfortunately you won't be able to do just one and expect your engagement and potential sales to increase.

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