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Posted by Heidi Melton


As a local business in your community, you're built on the experience you give to your customers and the words they share about the experiences they had. As you begin encouraging your clients for reviews it's important to keep in mind a few steps for success. Here is what I have found works really well in gathering new reviews for the targeted sites that I may be focusing on.

  1. Follow up with your clients in the first week after their wedding. Some may still be on their honeymoon, but as trends are showing couples are stalling the honeymoon until later or winter months; so you may just get a quick response from one of them. This email should be focused directly on their experience working with you and their special day.
  2. Keep it light and to the point. Don't get too long winded in these emails as most are back at work, or will start overthinking their responses. Keeping it on point will help direct your clients in thinking about the great moments, and not about the rain that may or may not have ruined the day.
  3. Begin with a thank you. I always begin my follow up emails with something like, "Thank you for allowing myself and ______ to be a part of your most important day" showcasing my sincerity and positivity while working with them.
  4. Get real and personal. Be direct in asking about their experience, while still keeping it personal to their wedding day. Remind them of special moments that happened, or things guests were mentioning, but remember to ask about how it was working with you.
  5. Re-thank them. At the end of the follow up email, always re-thank them for the wonderful opportunity, and end on a high note of happy wishes.

It may take a few days or even weeks to get a response with constructive feedback. If your client doesn't email you back within three weeks follow up with a "just checking in" email. Once you hear back from your client, here are the final steps for better reviews.

  1. If all of the email is positive, and there are no negative comments about your services, follow up with a short email such as the following (see below.)
  2. If there are most positive notes, and only one or two constructive notes, follow up with your client on the negative and thanking them for the positive. After you have sent that email, send a short email such as the following (see below.)
  3. If the email is almost all negative and only one or two positive things, this is where you start kissing up. Follow up with your client with a direct phone call to discuss their dissatisfaction, and then offer them a bottle of Dom Perignon or complimentary 1 year anniversary photos, etc. It's crucial that you leave them feeling the love, because honestly, you don't want them to leave you a review. That is key with poor service such as this.

Here is an example email that you can tweak, ,make your own and personalize for each couple that you send to for reviews.


Hello again Bride and/or Groom,

Thank you for sending me these comments, I have passed them along to our operations team for some uplifting Monday news!

I felt privileged to assist you in bringing your dream wedding to a reality Friday evening, and I am thrilled to hear you felt the same. I’d like to ask a simple favor of you.

As a local business, we're built on the experience we give to our customers, and the words they share about their experience with us. We’d love for you to leave a review of your experience with COMPANY NAME on either Google (link each website you list), Facebook, or PerfectWeddingGuide at your convenience. We’ve made it extremely easy. Simply click on the links below and write your review when you are able.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your most special occasion!


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Wishing you the happiest of futures,


Photo Credit: Erin Hession Photography

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