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Over the Lead Hill We Go

Posted by Heidi Melton

It's that time of year and everyone's beginning to murmur, the holidays. Holiday season is prime time for engagement season and critical to book the biz for the coming year.  So what's on your business's prep list for prime time? Here is a list I find helpful to prepare for the busiest lead season. As always, please join the conversation in the comments below.


  1. Clean up your inbox. Oh yes, there is a small window, maybe a week or two, that all of us have some downtime in the office, and it's important to clean out your inbox. Whether you sort into folders, mass delete emails from over two years ago, or just take everything and dump it into a 2016 folder get your inbox clear for the upcoming leads. You want to have a clean slate for the new year as well as be ready for new clients that you have yet to meet.
  2. Polish up your phone sales. Okay, so you've been in the business forever, or maybe you're the number one in your department, well guess what? The best always put new tools in their belt, so take time every day to practice with your co-workers, read sales articles online to freshen up tactics, and make sure to know your new pricing or current deals. No matter who is on the phone, it's always impressive when you don't have to look something up.
  3. Organize your desktop/computer files. Make your life easier and more efficient for the volume of sales calls and emails that will be coming in by making it quick and easy to reference your policies, current deals, or new pricing that you might not have memorized yet. One thing I like to do on my desktop is have stickies open with quick links or quick prices for things we just updated so I can quickly tap the sticky and reference the information for my client I have on the phone with no lag time. You'll find that this will make it easier for you to memorize as well.

These are some quick and easy items you can check off your prep list within one week. Spend a couple of hours each day working on each of these and you feel more prepared for lead season. Happy booking!

Photo Credit: Dainty Jewells

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Heidi Melton is a marketing and sales professional with a current role as a Sales Manager at Kahn's Catering. With a passion for exceeding expectations Heidi is in the events industry to create unforgettable experiences from the client's initial vision. She loves meeting other professionals to enhance each event with other experts on her team. Heidi spends her off-time volunteering for Make-A-Wish, completing DIY crafts from her Pinterest board, and walking her dogs, Aeson and Bentley.
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