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Prepare for 2017 With a Handy Checklist

Posted by Sharon Picone

As 2016 draws to a close, you should start thinking about preparing your business for 2017 (there’s no rest for the weary!). With all the ups and downs you’ve experienced during this year, you may be aware of certain tasks within your business that have fallen by the wayside. To help you overcome feelings of overwhelm and keep you on track, I’ve compiled an easy-to-use checklist.


Your Website

  1. Are your business hours, phone number, email address and physical address all current?
  2. Do all the links on your website work? Test them by clicking each one.
  3. Are your social media icons prominently displayed on your home page?
  4. Do you list all of your social media platforms? You may have signed up for a new account or alternatively cancelled an account and forgotten to update your website.
  5. Are the services you provide and list all relevant? You may have dropped one or two offerings and added new ones, so ensure that it’s reflected on your site.
  6. Is your site mobile friendly?

Your Brick-and-Mortar Location

  1. Assess your merchandise or promotional displays. Are they cluttered? Do they require a revamp  in order to be more eye-catching? Are they relevant?
  2. Do your restrooms work properly or are you required to hire a plumber? Do the lock and handle of the door(s) work properly. Do you provide a hook for your customers’ purses as well as a table or chair for additional bags or packages?
  3. Does your fire extinguisher work?
  4. Is your store well lit?
  5. Are all exits clear and unobstructed?

Emergency Preparedness

  1. Do you have a written emergency preparedness plan and have you shared it with your employees?
  2. In case of an emergency, do you have the necessary supplies available, such as flashlights, first aid kit, blankets, food and drink items?

Staff Education and Training

  1. Have you recently updated your store policies and shared these changes with your staff? 
  2. Are you or any of your employees required to attend seminars or courses to brush up on your product or service knowledge? If so, start planning it out in advance and if possible, block off the time on your calendar.

Trade and Bridal Shows

  1. Plan out all the shows you intend to participate in during 2017. 
  2. Determine your show budget.
  3. Design or update your banner.
  4. Start thinking about the promotional items or gifts you would like to give to bridal show attendees.
  5. If your employees are accompanying you on a trip, ensure that they are clear as to what their roles are at the bridal show(s).
In conclusion, holidays are the perfect time to reflect on your blessings. If customers and vendors referred any new business to you during 2016, consider sending them small gifts or custom designed and personalized thank you cards. They most likely will not be expecting anything in return, but wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to surprise them? You don’t have to spend a fortune. Showing them that you put thought into their gifts is sufficient.

What steps do you take to prepare your business for a new year? Have you incorporated any of the steps on this checklist into your business prep? Share your ideas with us. We’d be thrilled to hear them.


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Sharon Picone is an experienced dressmaker and tailor of 30+ years, who specializes in tailoring and creating bespoke wedding gowns and special occasion attire. Sharon currently serves on the Programs Committee for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and is also a member of the Central Florida Bridal Association as well as a Contributing Writer for the Perfect Wedding Guide vendor blog.