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Wed.Ed Wednesday: Tips for Building a (Solid) Business Budget

Posted by Tammy Elliot


Your budget serves as your road map to success.   If you want to meet your sales and bottom line goals, a budget will help you get there.  It makes you more aware of how much revenue is coming in and how much is going out so you can make adjustments along the way. 

If you see your sales are over budget, it allows you make several choices such as how much to put towards your reserve (in case of emergencies), increase marketing efforts, hiring a new person, compensation for employees, big projects, and more.

When you have a budget and review it regularly, it fosters better decision making.  If you sales are running behind budget, you can make cuts where you can to stay on track.  Remember, you sales and expense projections will most likely need some revisions along the way.  Surprises happen and this a very good way of managing both small and big surprises without sending your business spiraling out of control. Check out this video below for more business budgeting tips: 


For more information on creating a budget for your business, click HERE to download my FREE, Basic Business Budgeting Tips e-book.

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