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Need Reviews? Try This...

Posted by Heidi Melton

As a local business in your community, you're built on the experience you give to your customers and the words they share about the experiences they had. As you begin encouraging your clients for reviews it's important to keep in mind a few steps for success. Here is what I have found works really well in gathering new reviews for the targeted sites that I may be focusing on.

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Thumbs Down: 3 Ways to Combat Negative Online Reviews

Posted by Jayne Leigh Hallock

Ah, the cranky bride. The impossible-please-quick-to-anger, finicky, fussy bride. 

She can be the bane of our existence. Unfortunately, she also happens to be our bread and butter. We are ‘lucky’ enough to have some of the most stressed, exacting, overemotional kind of customer out there. And we wouldn’t change it for the world, right?

Well, there’s one thing we might change. Bad online reviews!!  For every ten thrilled-beyond-measure couples there are bound to be one or two who are disgruntled enough with you to hop online and pen a nasty review of your services. In the digital age, it’s an inevitability. So you might as well arm yourself with a few techniques to combat them, or at least lessen their impact. 

Who knows – you might even turn that frown upside down and have them reversing their opinion of you online!

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The Truth Behind Winter Wedding Shows

Posted by Ruth Prewitt

March is here, you know what that means? It’s time for our Winter Wedding Shows recap! We’re going to share the highlights from our corporate shows, information from our brides and grooms, what vendors like you are saying, and the improvements we’re making for spring/ fall 2015.

Modern luxury is the signature trend for weddings nation-wide. Many Brides and grooms are bored with the rustic look. They want modern, simple, and timeless. Vendors at our winter shows took that into account and brought us their A-game. Here are a few of our favorite moments…

On-Site Highlights

Photo by Complete MVP 
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4 Ways to Create Memorable Customer Testimonials

Posted by Rick Caldwell

Many business owners rely on customer testimonials as a form of social proof, which will then help persuade others to do business with them, too. The trick is figuring out just how to receive the sort of memorable testimonials necessary.


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